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Before going to Debora I was in constant pain. During the past three years I’ve had lumbar injections, used anti-inflammatory patches and needed daily pain medication. Since my sessions with Debora I no longer need medication, I am pain free, exercising again and loving life. What a blessing!

Carlene S., Chula Vista, CA

“Debora Wayne’s programs using the HighSpeed HealingTM method have changed my life for the better in many ways. I have had diabetes and been insulin dependent for 30 years, taking 2 different types of insulin. After simply watching Debora’s You Tube video and attending her one-day online event The Day of HighSpeed HealingTM, my blood…

Laurie, San Francisco, CA

“After my second HighSpeed HealingTM session….I woke up in the morning and I had no more pain! I came out of my shell and I was full of energy, vibrancy, and life! It was amazing.” ….LISTEN TO STEVE HERE


“I experienced a profound healing from Fibromyalgia with Debora Wayne. After 20 years of symptomatic pain, I could feel the sources of this auto immune disorder being pulled from my body during her session.  The flare up I was experiencing has remained in remission since I received her gift of energy work. I highly recommend…

Maryanne DeAngelo, San Diego, CA

I had struggled with binge eating for years. The more I restricted and tried to control, the more I binged. I knew that there was a place just as there was when I was a kid where I didn’t have to restrict anything. I could just eat when I’m hungry and eat what I want and…

F.M. St. Paul, MN

“First, THANK YOU! Thank you, Debora Wayne for the fact that I could just walk into my kitchen – with crutches – but I WALKED! I have an MS diagnosis and disability due to injuries from an assault. I listened to your recording, and WOW! Over the last few hours, pain is being released as…

Gail Marlow Ph.D – University Chemistry Professor (former) holding a PhD in chemical physics with application to molecular medicine – Kansas City, MO

Read what Dr. RitaMarie Loscalzo experienced with Debora and her work: “I invited Debora Wayne to be a featured speaker at my recent event for holistic practitioners because I had experienced first hand her healing energy and wanted to share it with my participants.  Even with just a brief demonstration of HighSpeed HealingTM, almost everyone…

—Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo, M.S, D.C, C.C.N, D.A.C.B.N Founder, Institute of Nutritional Endocrinology

“Working with Debra I immediately felt relief from mental pain.  My body was lighter and my mind clearer. Within 24 hours of my first HighSpeed HealingTM session, I felt physical pain and emotional pain leave my body.   My biggest discovery is that I can heal and control the problems that had kept me depressed, isolated…

Sharon H, Henderson, NV

“I attended Debora’s Pain Free Living Program® and after several healing sessions my long standing asthma completely disappeared. That was 6 months ago no more asthma! I am so grateful for your healing”.

Jeanette M. Retired school teacher, Perth, Australia

“My skeleton realigned itself after our Distance Session just like when I’ve had hands on treatment. That’s incredible…remote energy work that realigned my spine!!! Even my ankles are realigned. My back has felt great ever since the first session. The way a back should feel. My neck, shoulder, and low back pain are all gone.”

Jim J., Simi Valley, CA

“I have had two knee operations and a 2 inch plate implanted in my neck. I have been in constant pain for years! The doctors have prescribed pain medicines from Vicodin to Valium for muscle spasms. I was willing to try anything to stop my chronic pain. On my first experience with Debora, I was…

Louis H., Orange, CA

As a scientist, bioenergy is not an easily approachable topic. To delve into the spiritual realm of healing, one needs a guide with uncommon ability to speak both science and spirit.  For me, that guide is Debora.  Her intelligence and ability to communicate logically as well as intuitively is a necessary bridge for me; not…

Neuroscientist; Ph.D Psychology

“My 1st session was profound to say the least. My shoulder has not hurt since before the session. My gut has released.I have a shunt in my head, and it started flowing during the session! I could hear the valve just above my ear clicking as the cerebral spinal fluid started to pulse. It has…

Mark R. Software Support Specialist. Kent, WA

“I was losing my life. It was over. Then… through Debora, I got my life back. No other words. A miracle.

CiCi, Encinitas, CA

“After working with Debora’s HighSpeed HealingTM, I now, feel more whole and complete. Before I was unhappy with several parts of my body, and thinking about how and what to eat. I am more steadily attuned to how I feel wholly and enjoy eating now. I lost weight without trying. I find I crave vegetables…

Debbie B. Writer, New York

“I have noticed my weight has started to stabilize since Debora’s program compared to previous times where it would fluctuate quite regularly. I have not been as focused on my weight as I was before Debora’s program. Weight loss happened without effort. The biggest and most profound difference for me is that before working with…

Robert Briffa, South Australia

“In the past, before Debora’s program, I was an emotional eater, but once I stopped feeling deprived and went on to new eating patterns and focused on foods I enjoyed without feeling deprived, I have now taken off weight and come to a good weight which I maintain with ease.”

R.K. Retired RD and Hypnotherapist. Georgia

“My life has completely changed for the better. I feel like a different person. Since I started my first class with Debora, I look healthier, sexier, and stronger! I make smarter choices in my food & all aspects of my life. I have transformed more than in the entire 40 years since I was born!”

Gina Rodriguez, Tax Preparer, Riverside, CA

“Most awesome, helpful and beautiful class I have EVER taken. Debora’s mentoring and HighSpeed HealingTM work is nothing short of miraculous. In Session A, I received relief from decades of pain both emotional and physical pain. Session B produced a multi-dimensional unfolding into all that I am and all I can be in my highest…

Judy McNutt Artist, Author San Diego, CA

“I have studied many energy healing techniques and practices, and Debora feels so grounded and real. There is none of the drama, incongruence, or ego which I have noticed in other organizations.  The frequencies coming through Debora are some of the most sublime that I have experienced. I can say that all areas of my life have…

Liesl Lee Cotter, CMT, Certified Massage Therapist & Energy Medicine Practitioner, Santa Cruz, CA

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