Nicolas Pineault, “The EMF Guy”

“Debora, thanks for your help – HighSpeed Healing® was a very profound experience that I kept in mind throughout my race preparation and during the race itself.

I feel like I was able to push myself way beyond my limits and completed the 22km race even with freezing temperatures, 1200m elevation, fog, rain, mud, etc. in 4 hours & 4 minutes. My objective was 4 hours, so I’m very proud of the results!

Most importantly, I had ZERO shin pain during the race, and so far 72 hours after the race I haven’t even felt any pain or discomfort at all in the zone where I always had issues. It almost feels like I was protected during the race by my guardian angels 🙂

Thanks again! I would love to do another session before my next races.  I’m very curious to see what else there is to experience in this unique process.”

The EMF Guy, Entrepreneur, EMF Expert, Athlete

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