Gayle Giliotti, Bentonville, Arkansas

I gained a whole new awareness into my childhood sexual abuse.  A lot of new information came up and out. I am beginning to feel ….and be in a greater sense of wholeness, peace, joy and well being that I have not been able to sustain before. I feel that I am listening to my intuition more and I am doing a lot of cleaning out of closets, books, clothes, miscellaneous stuff out of my house and life. During the Biofield Healing® Sessions, I am feeling peace and energy moving in different parts of my body.  One time I did hear a sound and felt the vibration of it activating my energy field. I am feeling less pain on the right side of my body.  WooHoo!!!  Thank you so much Debora and everyone in this webinar. It is a pleasure to be a part of this journey with each and everyone of you.” 

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