Helen Elmallakh

“I finished your course and I hope more people take it!   Well worth it based on the results.  Hasta la vista to PT and my acupuncturist! “This program was well worth it. My pain went from a level 8 to between 0 and 2. Prior to this program, I was waking up multiple times at night […]

Paula McKinney, CA

“When you asked us what we desired I wrote “prosperity and energy”. My fatigue is gone!  I was having draining fatigue and snoozing in the afternoon, forcing myself on my nightly 2.5 mile power walk.  You did not even work on me directly!! Now for the prosperity as I have the energy and motivation to […]

Marilee Seymour, Bellevue, WA

“This time last year I could never have imagined how much my life would change. I haven’t had a major pain spasm for six months!!! My oncologist doesn’t want to see me for a whole year! I’m a full time author and will be living a lot of the year in the mountains- all dreams […]

Maryanne DeAngelo, San Diego, CA

“I experienced a profound healing from Fibromyalgia with Debora Wayne. After 20 years of symptomatic pain, I could feel the sources of this autoimmune disorder being pulled from my body during her session.  The flare up I was experiencing has remained in remission since I received her gift of energy work. I highly recommend anyone […]

Ruki B. Public Servant, Melbourne Australia

“I want to say a BIG THANK YOU to Debora Wayne for the past eleven weeks in the Pain Free Living Program. Here are a few ways in which my life has changed: I no longer feel that I have to do everything perfectly, in the right order, and that if I don’t, I may […]

Jody D., Denver, CO

“After my session with Debora, I woke up feeling better than I had in years!“ 

Helen, Ichikawa, Japan

“Debora’s power was so great! I had chronic fatigue and guess what?  It’s gone! I am so thankful and grateful, words cannot express?”   

Chris P., Ladera Ranch, CA

“I came into this program wanting physical transformation, that has happened and still happening, but the mental came first. I am completely changed mentally and emotionally, I’m such a different version of my former self. I’ve gone from fearful to optimistic, I don’t engage the past, nor worry about the future (sure thoughts come up, […]

RT, San Diego, CA

“It’s not an understatement to say that Debora Wayne has given me back my life! I had been very ill for almost six years with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. The illness forced me to leave my dream job and retreat into rest.  I tried dozens of other doctors, practitioners and healers without significant or lasting gains. […]

Laurie W. Customer, Anderson CA

“Before my first experience with Biofield Healing, I was having several seizures a week. I started having a seizure just before the Biofield Healing session began on the call, and then the seizure stopped! I haven’t had another seizure in almost 2 years! I then attended The Pain Free Living Program®. I had tried to […]