Chris P., Ladera Ranch, CA

“I came into this program wanting physical transformation, that has happened and still happening, but the mental came first. I am completely changed mentally and emotionally, I’m such a different version of my former self. I’ve gone from fearful to optimistic, I don’t engage the past, nor worry about the future (sure thoughts come up, but there’s no longer an emotional charge). I am calm and peaceful most of the time, I am so much more spiritually connected/centered, my faith and trust is palpable. I used to ‘crash’ daily with my fatigue, where I couldn’t stand anymore, laying on the couch, unable to get up; daily naps for 1-2 hours, couldn’t play with my boys for more than 10 minutes without suffering; every errand wore me out completely. NOW, I have energy, it lasts all day. I’m playing in the street with my boys for 30-45 minutes, running even, not ever having to lean over in fatigue or dizziness. My boys have their daddy back, and that means everything to me. I started yoga last week and it’s a tough workout. I feel great, no adverse effects (not supposed to be the case with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Hashimoto’s). Last night I was talking to my brother (we’re very close and he witnessed a lot of my illness) and yesterday I sent him a picture of my youngest son and me together, and my brother said excitingly, “Bro, that’s the best I’ve seen you look in over 10 years.” Just from a picture he saw that I had changed. I am so blessed and I have my life back, I can’t even describe what this feels like. I am humbled and grateful to you Debora, and to all my new friends. This journey could not have happened alone!!!” 

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