Ruki B. Public Servant, Melbourne Australia

“I want to say a BIG THANK YOU to Debora Wayne for the past eleven weeks in the Pain Free Living Program. Here are a few ways in which my life has changed: I no longer feel that I have to do everything perfectly, in the right order, and that if I don’t, I may as well not. After months of virtually no physical exercise, in the past two weeks I have missed only three days, and this was when I had no time or listened to my body and decided to have a break. My husband, who hasn’t had any exercise in the past couple of years (other than taking a very old dog for a walk) has started exercising regularly. I asked him had I inspired him, and he said yes! When I feel out of sorts I have so many tools now that I can apply, and I start to feel better immediately! I knew this before but now I truly KNOW that we are not done or finished, that we continue to learn and grow as long as we are alive. Most importantly I have made some amazing new friends. All my life I have felt a bit like an outsider, not having people in my life that truly understood the journey I am on. Now I am no longer alone, even though these new friends are halfway around the world. I could go on. My heartfelt thanks Debora. When the student is ready the teacher appears, and I am really appreciative that you showed up at the right time for me.” 

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