L.W., CA

“I had diabetes and had been insulin dependent for 30 years taking 2 different kinds of insulin.  After simply attending Debora’s one-day online event The Day of HighSpeed Healing™, my blood sugars began to drop dramatically. In 6 short weeks, I no longer needed one of the insulins at all and I have lost 20 […]

Helen Elmallakh

“I finished your course and I hope more people take it!   Well worth it based on the results.  Hasta la vista to PT and my acupuncturist! “This program was well worth it. My pain went from a level 8 to between 0 and 2. Prior to this program, I was waking up multiple times at night […]

Nicolas Pineault, “The EMF Guy”

“Debora, thanks for your help – HighSpeed Healing® was a very profound experience that I kept in mind throughout my race preparation and during the race itself. I feel like I was able to push myself way beyond my limits and completed the 22km race even with freezing temperatures, 1200m elevation, fog, rain, mud, etc. […]

Janet T., Kalamazoo, MI

“Before working with Debora, a CT scan revealed a cyst on my pancreas, and I suffered from digestive drama as well. As a result I missed celebrating both Thanksgiving AND my birthday entirely!  AFTER working with Debora for only one month’s time, the endoscopic ultrasound revealed NOTHING on my pancreas, and the digestive drama I was experiencing cleared […]

Marilee Seymour, Bellevue, WA

“This time last year I could never have imagined how much my life would change. I haven’t had a major pain spasm for six months!!! My oncologist doesn’t want to see me for a whole year! I’m a full time author and will be living a lot of the year in the mountains- all dreams […]

Maryanne DeAngelo, San Diego, CA

“I experienced a profound healing from Fibromyalgia with Debora Wayne. After 20 years of symptomatic pain, I could feel the sources of this autoimmune disorder being pulled from my body during her session.  The flare up I was experiencing has remained in remission since I received her gift of energy work. I highly recommend anyone […]

Lucia, Bonita, CA

“What goes around comes around. I must really have done some good in my life to deserve to know the powerful gift that Debora shares, with such passion and generosity, with everybody!!!! 4 years ago I had a little Restaurant that was giving me a lot of stress. One day, just out of the blue, […]

Sonnie, Rancho Bernardo, CA

“I don’t believe there are words to express the experience you have when healing is received. I came for one physical issue that had been harboring for months and months even with the assistance of herbs etc. Immediately I had relief which was amazing and thrilling – the peacefulness came and the physical issue was […]

Sherri, Chula Vista, CA

“I see the evidence of your beautiful gift in myself and my family every day. Thanks to you, my mom is pain free and once again enjoying life!  The tremors in my hands that I suffered from have completely disappeared and my husbands tendonitis was resolved in his elbow and shoulder. You have been a […]