Eileen Smith, Toronto, Canada

About 2 1/2 years ago I was hit with chronic pain and IBS so severe I thought I was dying; two conditions I had never had before. I always maintained that if I could suddenly get them, then I could make them all go away. Debora helped me discover what my issues came from, how […]

John V., Whittier, CA

“First of all let me say that Debora Wayne is the real deal.   She has an amazing gift to heal and eliminate pain. Having a session with Debora turned out to be one of the best decisions of my life. I had extreme pain in my elbow – on a scale of 1 to […]

Helen A., Del Mar, CA

“Many of us have had to learn to live with pain that doesn’t go away.  I learned to manage the pain by going without or limiting the activities that are my passion. I believed I had no choice. I limited my golf, tennis, downhill skiing, bicycling, daily workouts, etc. And then I met Debora. Yes, […]

Mary Green, Australia

“My shoulder was pain free after the session.This was a “real” experience, something I can believe is real and seems very different to my experiences in my everyday world.   I feel restored. ” I am able to feel in my body, and the pressure in my head and jaw also released. I’m more hopeful. […]

Lisa, Placentia, CA

“I was diagnosed with a prolapsed bladder condition which began changing immediately during our first session and now appears to be healed after only 3 sessions. An Injury to to my right foot which occurred seven months ago caused pain and numbness and this too appears to be healed now. My hip pain is also […]

Annette, La Mesa, CA

“I was a skeptic. I was also in a lot of pain and scared that I might face the rest of my life in pain. I was having severe joint, muscle, and neck pain. In the evenings it was hard to walk or sleep. My sessions with Debora, one by one, gave me back my […]

Mark R. Software Support Specialist. Kent, WA

“My 1st session was profound to say the least. My shoulder has not hurt since before the session. My gut has released.I have a shunt in my head, and it started flowing during the session! I could hear the valve just above my ear clicking as the cerebral spinal fluid started to pulse. It has […]

Mary Campbell, May 2017

“I did attend the free webinar it’s actually the only webinar I have ever attended live and I must say it was exhilarating so much electricity energy. After the healing session, I felt the pain dissipate so much that I was able to ride in my car for five hours look at houses and the […]

Judy McNutt, Artist, Author, San Diego, CA

“Most awesome, helpful and beautiful class I have EVER taken. Debora’s mentoring and Biofield Healing work is nothing short of miraculous. In Session A, I received relief from decades of pain both emotional and physical. Session B produced a multi-dimensional unfolding into all that I am and all I can be in my highest good. […]

Louis H., Orange, CA

“I have had two knee operations and a 2 inch plate implanted in my neck. I have been in constant pain for years – since 2000. The doctors have prescribed pain medicines from Vicodin to Valium for muscle spasms. I was willing to try anything to stop my chronic pain. On my first visit with […]