Michael Flynn

“I have been processing what we were introduced to in your training. It’s really changed my perspective …You took us far beyond what most rarely seem to touch. It helped me find more humility. It was, and continues to be, the next level for me.” 

Gregg, La Jolla, CA

“A life-altering process…Debora put me in a state of bliss. This has been more powerful for me than any other modality I have been exposed to…significantly higher. It definitely changed my level of consciousness dramatically.” 

Twila Pettina, San Diego, CA

“My session with Debora has left me in a state of healing & forgiveness. I came away with a sense of  peace that enveloped my entire being. The release and lightness of mind, body, emotions and spirit, during and after she performed her healing work, was absolutely amazing!  I left my session today with a […]


As a result of Debora’s Pain Free Living Program® my eyesight has improved dramatically. Now I am also attracting more business clients. I realized that some of my beliefs that went back to childhood were affecting me. I experienced an integration of body, mind and spirit. I feel grounded, and my Quantum gifts are all […]

C.C., Carlsbad, CA

“Healing can come in so many different disguises. Debora wears no white coat and uses no stethoscope yet has the gift of shifting people from chronic states of illness into perfect health. It is something not only beautiful to behold but magical to experience!” 

Kim H., San Diego, CA

“My exciting news! My medical doctor said I had a 5cm cyst in my right overy.   I had a sonogram check up scheduled for two weeks after my session with Debora, and the tech said, “There is nothing there and your overies look great!”   Then the doctor called me with the sound of […]

Marla, NYC, NY

“What is so profound about Debora’s work is that the benefits are instantaneous! Issues that we have held onto for many years, melt away. While old habits are extremely difficult to allow to depart, what I am finding is that the memory of releasing these old beliefs, becomes easier to release as we remember and […]

Ronit Benshoshan, Expressive Arts Therapist

“In your program I reached new and deeper levels of understanding. My entire concept of money has changed, and I no longer feel guilt or shame for receiving money. I now feel worthy of having it. I learned to see it as it is, no less or more. I dare to dream bigger now…. beyond […]

F.M. St. Paul, MN

I had struggled with binge eating for years. The more I restricted and tried to control, the more I binged. I knew that there was a place just as there was when I was a kid where I didn’t have to restrict anything. I could just eat when I’m hungry and eat what I want […]

CH, Orange, CA

“I have been talking with Debora and have been able to improve my decision making and impulse control amongst other things because of her. She prompts the right questions to help you see things from another perspective. She has much experience dealing with addiction, family problems, personal discipline, improving your strengths and many other types […]