Ashley L., Carlsbad, CA

“Debora & John’s combined Tibetan / Crystal Bowls and Biofield Healing “Concert” tonight was amazingly incredible! The gifted ways Debora can help you relax and gently step in to that deep meditative state, while John orchestrates a profound sound Healing. Yet, the best part of this whole experience is their Healing Combination – Debora’s unique […]

Ronit B., San Diego, CA

“Debora’s Meditation Workshop was an easy, pleasant, and freeing experience for me. The space she created was very safe and warm. The learning was simple, almost as if remembering. It was also affirming to me how important it is to be around like-minded people and the power of the group. Thank you so much for […]


“I received so many benefits from the Restorative Healing & Yin Training, such as how to make the yoga class a multi-layered, multi-textured experience bringing in all of the senses and being able to guide the students through a journey of self discovery.” 

Angie B., Studio City, CA

”Debora has a soothing way about her which makes her very inviting. I feel her open and genuinely loving heart, and her commitment to be of service is evident and a huge part of her sessions.” 

Eric B., San Diego, CA

“When I first met Debora I was experiencing a lot of pain in my lower back and hip from injuries 10 years earlier. I was having a hard time wanting to live in my body. Debora encouraged me to come to her “Restorative Healing Yoga” class. When I arrived she welcomed me with a bright […]

Bart, Encinitas, CA

“Thank you for the yoga experience. I have done different kinds of hatha yoga, but this was definitely in a class by itself.” 

Shelly M., San Diego, CA

“The sessions with Debora were beautiful and powerful. I have felt more peaceful and grounded and definitely have a clearer connection to my intuitive voice ever since the sessions.” 

Ann Margaret, Carlsbad, CA

“Thank you so much Debora for your powerful healing frequencies. After the first session I felt “more like myself” than I ever have in my life! I feel more grounded than I ever knew was possible. What a blessing the experience has been.” 

RT, San Diego, CA

“…I JUST ADORED YOUR CLASS! You are so powerful as a teacher. The whole room was vibrating and everyone’s energy seemed to entrain with love and peace.” 

M.P., Los Angeles, CA

“My life feels different already after just 3 “Break Free” teleclasses ! I have now turned a corner and taken my power back with a situation and person that has bothered me on and off for 7 years ! I can’t thank you enough. Your work has been tremendously valuable to me, from the first […]