Helen A., Del Mar, CA

“Many of us have had to learn to live with pain that doesn’t go away.  I learned to manage the pain by going without or limiting the activities that are my passion. I believed I had no choice. I limited my golf, tennis, downhill skiing, bicycling, daily workouts, etc. And then I met Debora. Yes, I was skeptical but decided to book an appointment with her. I had nothing to lose. After only two visits the pain in my shoulder was noticeably improved! How could this be? I can not possibly explain to you the relief I experienced, the joy I felt, and the relief that comes from finding my life again. I can now play golf, play tennis and ski as many days as I choose, my body no longer tells me when to stop…. I tell my body when enough is enough. From the bottom of my heart, I am truly grateful that Debora is now part of my life and she has helped free me from pain’s grip. I have my life back and I am doing the things that help make my life full and complete. There really is no way to express my gratitude for this freedom and for her.” 

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