Sylvie S., Pasadena, CA

“I was really amazed by Debora’s work and tremendously blessed to be the recipient. These frequencies are different! Having received a lot of energy work over the years, I was immediately struck by the quality of the energy – it is … different! And extremely effective. I was deeply touched by Debora’s clear, loving and […]

Mario R., Engineer, Niteroi/RJ

“The Pain Free Living Program® Group Program allowed me to access a deeper level of acceptance and allows for feelings to come up and dissolve by themselves. As negative feelings show up, they were healed almost instantly.   I noticed that my intentions felt more and more possible. During the course I had some stressful […]


“One thing for sure, without the HighSpeed Biofield healing sessions, I do believe that nothing would have changed much.” 

Susie, Chula Vista, CA

“I came seeking spiritual growth and I’m pretty sure I got my fair share. Thank you SO much for all of your knowledge, wisdom, time and patience. An experience like this cannot be obtained by reading a book.” 

Sharon H, Henderson, NV

“Working with Debra I immediately felt relief from mental pain.  My body was lighter and my mind clearer. Within 24 hours of my first biofield healing session, I felt physical pain and emotional pain leave my body.   My biggest discovery is that I can heal and control the problems that had kept me depressed, isolated […]