Sylvie S., Pasadena, CA

“I was really amazed by Debora’s work and tremendously blessed to be the recipient. These frequencies are different! Having received a lot of energy work over the years, I was immediately struck by the quality of the energy – it is … different! And extremely effective. I was deeply touched by Debora’s clear, loving and powerful presence. She is bringing in a very high level of healing and frequency activation. What I experienced in my sessions was beyond healing, I literally felt that I was being reconnected with aspects of myself and universal intelligence. During and after the sessions, I was surprised by the level of information and awareness that was streaming in. I received great clarity … it’s as if the pathways were not fully available before, and Debora helped clear these pathways so that new connections could be made and I could begin to access higher intelligence and guidance clearer than ever before. Each session with Debora deepens and expands and brings new levels of information and liberation.” 

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