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Yes, You CAN Experience Rapid Drug-Free Relief from Chronic Pain.

There is hope for you even if you’ve struggled with chronic pain for years and tried everything… and I can show you how.

The Pain-Free Living Program® Is the ONLY Chronic Pain Approach that Features the HighSpeed Healing MethodTM for Optimal Wellbeing.

The PFLP LIVE ONLINE GROUP PROGRAM gives you Expert Insight with weekly Direct Access to Debora to Help You Find and Release the Hidden Physical, Mental, Emotional, And Energetic Reasons For Any Type Of Pain And Suffering In Your Life.

Thousands of participants from over 160 different countries have reported a wide range of healing results from The Pain-Free Living Program®. Here is a small list:

  • Chronic Physical Pain
  • Depression
  • Anxiety and Panic Attacks
  • Chronic Joint Pain & Inflammation
  • Insomnia
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Chronic Migraine Headaches
  • Immune Weakness
  • Binge-Eating, Digestive Drama, Weight Issues
  • Trauma and Abuse
  • Addictions
  • Relationship Pain
  • Unexplained ‘Mystery Pain’

The Pain-Free Living Program® LIVE ONLINE GROUP Is Designed To Help You Transcend Pain & Get Your Energy And Your Life Back On Track.

Success Stories

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View Success Stories By Category:

Thousands of people can’t be wrong about the potential for true pain relief from The Pain-Free Living Program®.

Still not convinced? An independent science lab report showed a 51% DECREASE in pain and increase in energy in the VERY FIRST SESSION in LESS THAN ONE HOUR! The client reported 99% pain relief.

Science doesn’t lie!

Now is your chance to experience the same type of results for YOURSELF!

Are you ready to live pain-free?

Pain Free Living Program® LIVE ONLINE GROUP

Normally $1500

(SAVE $500)


What’s Included
With the Pain-Free Living Program

You’ve already received the The Pain-Free Living Program® E-COURSE which includes eight recordings plus Inspirational Handouts and Real Results Companion worksheets…

NOW it’s time to get your toughest questions answered and
Pain-Free Living Program® LIVE ONLINE GROUP?

  • Add on 6 Weeks of LIVE (Online) HighSpeed Healing™ Sessions
  • Experience for yourself a WEEKLY ONLINE LIVE SESSION of my often life-changing HighSpeed Energy Healing® proven to help thousands of people just like yourself from all over the world eliminate pain and suffering of all types and experience greater ease, joy, and freedom.
  • Get your toughest questions answered with Direct Access to Debora every week during Live Q&A Support
  • Receive Audio Recordings of all six (6) Live Calls (including recordings of all Highspeed Healing™ Sessions so you won’t miss a thing if you can’t attend the Live Call for any reason

Is the Pain-Free Living Program® Right for You?

The Pain-Free Living Program® was made for you if…

  • You’ve tried other pain relief methods and nothing has truly relieved your pain.
  • You’re tired of the “drug it out, cut it out” approach, which at best puts a temporary band-aid on your pain.
  • You want to break free of anxiety, depression, panic attacks, guilt, self-doubt, and other crippling emotions that often show up as emotional, mental, and even physical pain.
  • You want to eliminate trauma, fatigue, and/or chronic pain and get your energy, productivity, and focus back.
  • You’re tired of being told to “just learn to live with it,” “that’s just the aging process,” “pop a few Tylenol or something stronger,” or “there’s nothing we can do for you.”
  • You want to clear stress and pain patterns and prevent them from returning.
  • You’re tired of worrying and wondering “Why am I still hurting?” and trying to ‘fix’ yourself.
  • You know something must change but you just don’t know how to make that happen.
  • You want to get your joy back and do the things you love with the people you love.

If that’s you, then The Pain-Free Living Program® is PERFECT for you!


How Do I Invest In the Pain-Free Living Program®?

Imagine finding true lasting relief from chronic pain for a fraction of what ongoing medications and medical procedures cost, and for a lot less than the average cost of one single day in a USA hospital!

Since you already said “Yes!” to the Pain-Free Living Program® E-COURSE …

I created a SPECIAL OFFER* for YOU where you’ll SAVE $500 NOW when you Join the PFLP LIVE ONLINE GROUP


  • 6 weeks of Direct Access to Debora during Live Online Group Q & A calls 
  • 6 HighSpeed Healing™ LIVE Online Sessions (one per week)
  • 6 Additional Recordings of ALL the weekly Live Calls
  • Loving Connection & support with like-minded new friends committed to pain free living! 
  • Private Facebook Community so you stay on track

How Much Is Chronic Pain Already Costing You?

Consider these heart-stopping statistics:

  • A one-day overnight stay in a U.S. hospital costs an average of $3,500.
  • The average person fighting chronic pain spends at least five days in the hospital at an average cost of $15,000. They often leave with little to no resolution on why they were in the hospital in the first place, only a series of inconclusive test results and perhaps a new set of medications but no true healing.
  • Many medications for fighting arthritis pain cost well over $30,000.
  • Opioid addiction is the fastest-growing drug addiction plaguing families and homes all over the world right now. The Pain-Free Living Program® is a non-drug solution for pain that actually works and has ZERO negative side effects or consequences?

For a fraction of those ongoing costs,
you can experience Real Results with The Pain-Free Living Program®!

  • Imagine having the joy, freedom, and flexibility to enjoy the life you want to live without worrying about pain all the time or running out of energy…
  • Imagine never having to take pain medication or sleep aids to get through the day or night …
  • Imagine feeling HOPEFUL and excited about your future instead of worrying and dreading the painful years ahead…

It all starts with The Pain-Free Living Program® . Let me show you what is truly possible that you may not even realize was possible before today.

Let me show you the way as you break free from chronic pain for good!

Click now and let’s get started! 

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