A Day of HighSpeed Healing ImmersionTM

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International Chronic Pain Institute®

A Personal Note from Debora Wayne…

Hello My Friend,

Welcome…I’m so glad you found your way here.  

If you’ve been suffering from stress or pain of any kind, including chronic physical pain, anxiety, depression, trauma, worry, overwhelm, insomnia, digestive issues, headaches, or other painful symptoms…

If your pain is getting in the way of your ability to be your best self at work, running your team or company, or being there for your children and family, or it keeps you from enjoying your hobbies, your friends, or anything else that’s important to you in life…

You have come to the right place. My mission is to provide you with a safe space and the exact tools you need to release pain and chronic symptoms, to become strong, healthy, full of energy and vitality, and to feel positive about your future as you move forward in your life.

Please do not give up hope!  AND…don’t just accept pain as “normal” or choose to passively stand by letting it get worse and hoping for the best! 

I’m an expert with a unique Solution proven to work and am honored to take you on the profound healing journey to Pain Free Living and will do this without ever asking you to take drugs, PT, endless therapies, or give up the foods you love. 

If you’ve tried to heal, but your pain hasn’t budged…

If you’ve been struggling with your condition for so long that you or people around you are starting to think it’s never going to change, or even worse, that it’s all in your head?

I’m here to assure you…

You’re not CRAZY!

This is NOT all in your head.

Don't give up HOPE.

Nothing, including your pain, is permanent.

It’s NOT your fault.

You can resolve this with the right help.

There is a REASON.

You will find it when you ask the right questions.

You may be SURPRISED.

Healing can be easier than you think and doesn't have to take Forever!

If you’ve tried some (or maybe A LOT) of these…

You’ve searched and searched and perhaps been working on yourself for years, but you haven’t found an answer out there to give you a long-term solution for your pain.

Would you be open to a different solution that has proven to get results for tens of thousands
of men and women around the world?

IF you would be willing to take one day for yourself…
A day designed to Release Your Pain, Recharge Your Energy, Get UNstuck, and allow deep healing
so that your body, mind, spirit, and life begin flowing and moving in the right direction.
 Then please Join Me for…


A Revolutionary Non-Drug Solution for Chronic Pain, Depression, Anxiety, Trauma, Battles with Weight, Binge-Eating, Burnout, and more

Say Goodbye to Your Pain


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Say Goodbye to Your Pain

Spend an entire day with DIRECT ACCESS to Debora Wayne,

Founder & CEO of The International Chronic Pain Institute®

World-renowned for Healing Pain & “Mysterious” Chronic Conditions

Originator of the HighSpeed HealingTM method

30 + years of expertise helping the toughest cases

You may be surprised to discover that safe, non-drug healing IS possible. 

How does having more Energy, Freedom & Joy sound?

Many past participants reported the elimination of pain & conditions even though nothing else worked!

Others reported feeling a new sense of Hope, Inner Calm, & a Clear Mind where there used to be brain fog, stress, & anxiety. 

This, and more, is possible for YOU, too…

A DAY OF HighSpeed Healing IMMERSION®

A Revolutionary NEW Solution for Chronic Pain, Depression, Anxiety, Trauma, Battles with Weight, Binge-Eating, Burnout and more☆

Monday, January 8, 2024

All times are Pacific.

Join Debora Live!

Morning Session: 10 am – 12:30 pm

(Pacific Time)

Mid-Day Break:  Worksheet/Assignments designed to continue your healing process

Evening Session: 5 pm – 7:30 pm

(Pacific Time)


  • We will send you the Recording of the ENTIRE event including the HighSpeed Energy Healing sessions (7 days to listen again and again)
You don’t have to travel to be a part of this very unique event!
You will simply call in by phone or connect over the internet to my private Zoom room, and experience the power of HighSpeed Healing IMMERSIONTM for yourself from the comfort of your own home. You’ll feel empowered by Debora’s personal help as she shows you exactly how to release your pain, patterns, and suffering.



Your pain is trying to tell you something! Until you listen, it will continue to show up in increasingly more attention-getting (and painful) ways. It will not stop until you get the message.

Are you ready to be guided in how to listen and what to do about it?

If you’re thinking, “I’m not in physical pain, I’m dealing with fill-in-the-blank!” Hang in there with me!

It could be depression, anxiety, trauma, struggles with weight, digestion, yo-yo dieting, binge-eating, insomnia, money pain, abusive relationships, the list goes on.

If whatever you put in that blank causes you frustration, emotional upset, financial worry, ongoing stress, or just irritates the living daylights out of you, then you are in the right place.

If you’re so tired of the condition you are currently in and are truly ready for a way out, The Day of HighSpeed HealingTM is definitely your next step to take… you have come to the right place!!

If you haven’t heard my story, let it suffice to say for now that I was once curled in a ball on my closet floor, crying my eyes out, screaming “WHY ME?” and praying for a solution to the suffering that had plagued me for years.

If you’re like I was, you are probably trying to FIGURE IT OUT AND THINK YOUR WAY OUT OF YOUR SITUATION, or doing your best to “Stay Positive” hoping it will pass.

Maybe you spend countless hours researching on Google trying to find the solution…you go over and over in your mind trying to remember what happened and searching for the reason why your pain started…you keep hoping to find a specialist that will have the right treatment, the right diet, the right supplements that will finally fix your problem, but nothing seems to work and you are losing hope.

The energy you spend on this never-ending search is most likely wearing you out and adding to your stress. Believe me, I get it! I have been down this exact road.

What if you discovered that all of this might be totally unnecessary and that healing may be faster and easier than you think?

Would it be worth one day and less than the cost of yet another diagnostic test to experience an easier way out of your pain?

The worst thing that will happen is that your mind will be skeptical and you’ll doubt this can work – just like mine did! As a woman with a degree in psychology who stacked on certifications in clinical hypnotherapy, hypno-anesthesiology, and chemical dependency counseling, I was certain the realm of Western or natural medicine had a solution.

But I’ve never seen benefits with those forms of treatment that compare with the safe, non-drug, rapid results, relief, and increased energy that people report and experience in our Day Of HighSpeed HealingTM Immersion. (P.S. An independent Science Lab showed that HighSpeed HealingTM provided 6 times the Pain Decrease and Energy Increase than any other method they’ve studied in 25 years in less than one hour! Volunteers reported 99.9% pain free (after YEARS of continuous chronic pain) , improved Energy, Mood and Vision, alleviated Insomnia, and even corrected life-long spinal pain issues!)

Your doubt, judgement, and skepticism are more than welcome here. As a matter of fact, I’d be suspicious if you didn’t bring them along for the ride.
Things are about to shift. I’m here to help guide you.

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Take a look at what the Day Of HighSpeed Healing ImmersionTM has in store for you…

  • At 10 AM Pacific, you’ll connect via phone or internet. You will have DIRECT ACCESS to Debora.
  • Discover the 3 EXACT STEPS YOU MUST TAKE if you want to Get Your Energy & Life Back on Track, Get UN-Stuck and Learn to Live Pain-FREE.
  • Debora will reveal to you the TOP 13 HIDDEN REASONS that lie at the root of all pain and suffering… She’s discovered these after working with tens of thousands of men and women in 160 countries and recovering from her own personal “health hell” over 30 years ago.
  • EXPERIENCE FOR YOURSELF how a little-known scientific discovery has the potential to rapidly find and release the hidden root cause of your pain more rapidly than any other available methods.
  • You will experience the first of TWO full sessions of Debora’s leading-edge method known as HighSpeed HealingTM ($1100 VALUE!)You don’t have to do anything to prepare for this. HighSpeed HealingTM has been shown in a science lab to provide 6 times the pain DECREASE and energy INCREASE when compared to other healing methods. Past clients and participants have reported complete elimination of Chronic pain, Depression, Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Chronic Fatigue, Trauma, Battles with Food, Weight, Binge-Eating, Insomnia, Immune Weakness, Seizures, Spine and Bone issues, and MANY other chronic conditions… and even when nothing else they tried had worked).
  • You’ll be guided to discover the hidden reasons for your particular type of pain, and how to release the real root cause, so your body, mind, emotions, and energy can finally come back into balance.
  • LIVE Q & A: There will be opportunities to ask Debora your toughest question where you feel stuck, blocked, hopeless, or confused. She will work with as many people as time permits in the morning and afternoon and you’ll benefit from everyone on the call. We’ll wrap up at approximately 12:30 Pacific Time (sometimes we run over).
  • You’ll have a break to allow everything you experience to sink in and deeply integrate. You’ll receive an assignment to contemplate and complete during the break so that your healing continues and new awareness will surface for you. (It’s highly recommended, if at all possible, that you take the entire day off and declare this a Special Day of Self-Care just for you. A time for new awareness, a time to slow down, and most important… a time to finally heal.)
  • We’ll come back together at 5PM pacific time for a second call. This is NOT a repeat of the morning session. There will be more Q & A with Debora’s years of experience to help you get UNstuck, and another full session of Biofield Healing Immersion®. ($550 VALUE)
  • Debora will take more volunteers through their challenges and areas of pain and she’ll help you to finally get answers, experience relief, and feel hopeful that you, too can really heal. You’ll have another opportunity to have your questions answered and work 1 on 1 with Debora before the day wraps up at 7:30 pm Pacific Time.
  • Don’t worry if you can’t make it to the live call! You’ll receive access to the recording of the ENTIRE DAY (both sessions morning AND evening) and you’ll have 7 full days of unlimited access to listen again and again AND receive HighSpeed Healing® Sessions. Register anyway even if you cannot attend live since the recordings are just as powerful! Some people actually prefer the recorded version!


A Revolutionary NEW Solution for Chronic Pain, Depression, Anxiety, Trauma, Battles with Weight, Binge-Eating, Burnout and more

I’m Ready to Heal

Are you ready…

…for the possibility of leaving your pain, worry, sleepless nights, frustration, confusion, overwhelm, and intolerable symptoms completely in your past on that very day??? Not everyone experiences immediate total relief, but many do, and almost all share that they finally get answers, they feel relief, gain hope, and that their pain and problems noticeably shift, lessen, and lighten from the very first session. This has the potential to be the day that changes the direction of your entire life!


Here is what’s to expect from our Day Of Healing…

  • Experience 2 full HighSpeed Healing ImmersionTM sessions – a method that has shown to provide 6 times more measurable Pain relief and Energy increase than other methods in just one session (OVER $1100 VALUE!!)
  • Direct Access to Debora in both the morning and evening sessions (5+ hours total, (that’s Over $2000 VALUE) to discover the hidden reasons causing dis-ease, pain, and more, that medical testing will not reveal
  • Begin to dissolve YOUR damaging patterns of pain, panic, worry, and doubt, and create new patterns of strength, energy, and calm.
  • Raise your energetic vibration and rapidly accelerate your healing process
  • Release the hidden causes of pain without drugs, supplements, PT, or depriving yourself of the foods you love.
  • Learn how to finally stop worrying about your pain and draining your energy.
  • Be introduced to the EXACT steps you must take if you want to live pain free.
  • Feel more ease and freedom in your body, mind, and spirit so that you can live your highest purpose and most joy-filled life
  • Release worry, doubt, indecision & Experience greater focus, clarity, creativity and productivity.


The full MP3 recording of the entire day will be delivered to your inbox within approximately 48 hours after our Live Day of HighSpeed HealingTM Immersion. You’ll have 7 days of unlimited access to listen again and again AND receive the HighSpeed Healing ImmersionTM Session to work on any area of your life! (A $497 value)

The HighSpeed Healing ImmersionTM sessions are just as powerful when you listen to the recordings so don’t worry if you can’t make it to the live call.

A DAY OF of HighSpeed Healing IMMERSIONTM

A Revolutionary NEW Solution for Chronic Pain, Depression, Anxiety, Trauma, Battles with Weight, Binge-Eating, Burnout and more

This powerful day costs less than a single visit to a specialist and has the potential to put your pain and problems into your past for good.

The Day Of HighSpeed Healing ImmersionTM is valued at Over $3,000!



Monday, January 8, 2024!

All times are Pacific.

Morning Session: 10AM – 12:30PM

(pacific time)

Mid-Day Break:  Worksheet/Assignments designed to continue your healing process

Evening Session: 5PM – 7:30PM

(pacific time)

You are strongly encouraged to reserve the entire day as a Special Day of Self-Care totally for you.

If for any reason you cannot attend this special day live, you are welcome to attend any portion you can OR only use the recordings later. The recordings are just as powerful (some people like the recordings best! ).

The MP3 recordings will be delivered to your inbox within 48 hours of the live event. You’ll have 7 days of unlimited access to listen again and again AND receive HighSpeed Healing™ Sessions.

I’m Ready to Heal


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More About Debora Wayne…

DEBORA WAYNE, is the CEO and Founder of The International Chronic Pain Institute®. 

She is a world-renowned enerygyhealing practitioner whose expertise is helping men and women to rapidly remove the often hidden, mysterious causes of Chronic Pain, Chronic Fatigue, Depression and Anxiety, Trauma, battles with Weight, Binge-Eating, BurnOut and more. 

Her life-changing proprietary HighSpeed Energy Healing™ Method helps people enjoy life once again, be more productive, confident, focused, and be the leaders they are meant to be. 

Many of Debora’s past clients have reported complete and total healing of severe chronic pain symptoms and chronic “mysterious” conditions even though nothing else worked. 

Since recovering from her own “health hell” over 3O years ago, Debora has been immersed both personally and professionally in the Healing Arts. She has personally helped tens of thousands of people in 160 countries to release their pain, recharge their energy, and get their lives back on track. 

Her proven programs feature a life-changing proprietary method known as HighSpeed HealingTMDebora skillfully weaves in elements from Ancient Spiritual Healing practices, Modern Neuro-Science, and Leading-edge Biofield Science which work together synergistically to allow for profound physical, mental, emotional, energetic, and spiritual transformation. 

Debora is the #1 Bestselling Author of “Why Do I Still Hurt? – Rapid Relief for Chronic Pain, Depression, Anxiety, and More”. She has earned degrees and certifications in Psychology, Hypnotherapy, & Chemical Dependency Counseling, has 30 + years practicing and teaching the Art of Meditation, is a nationally recognized Glass Artist, a former professional Modern Dancer, a Certified Yoga Instructor, Reiki Master, CEO & Founder of The International Chronic Pain Institute® .

Follow Debora:

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I’m Ready to Heal