Healing Your Chronic Conditions Deserves a Premium-Level Service

Debora Wayne works with a select group of clients who have urgent conditions in a one-on-one setting. This is an application-only opportunity.

Although thousands of participants from over 150 different countries have found healing through The Pain-Free Living Group Program® , sometimes, you need and want additional support and a higher level of personalized attention, and we understand that.

If that’s you, and you prefer working 1:1 with exclusive VIP access to Debora
Wayne, keep reading…

The Pain-Free Living Program® comes to life in a more personal way when you work one-on-one with Debora.

After her own struggle of living with chronic pain that resulted in her eventual healing and ultimately, the creation of the revolutionary Pain-Free Living Program, Debora has spent the last 30-plus years dedicated to helping her clients break free from chronic pain, so they recapture their zest for life and live with more confidence and greater ease.

As a result of the success her clients have experienced through the Pain-Free Living Group Program, she now brings an entirely custom-fit version, powered by the HighSpeed Healing TM  method into an elite-level experience to heal chronic pain for select private clients.

This intimate VIP experience provides an additional guided and customized, high-level of support so that you get the healing you need. Due to limited availability, and the nature of the VIP experience, working one-on-one with Debora Wayne is an application-only opportunity. Simply having the financial means DOES NOT qualify you for this VIP experience.

How do you know if working privately with Debora is for you?

You are NOT a great fit if…

  • You are stuck in the ‘blame game’ and unteachable. Chances are, if you’ve been in pain for a while, you may have already tried many different things to get rid of your pain. You may feel angry and frustrated that nothing has worked for you. Pain can and does magnify your fear, anger, and resentment, but if you are unwilling to stop placing the blame for your pain outside of yourself, then working with Debora will not be a good fit for you.

  • You’re unwilling to try a revolutionary approach that may go against what you’ve always been told or led to believe about chronic pain. We understand part of the HighSpeed Healing method may be ‘outside the box’ for you at first, but if you’re willing to trust Debora and her leading-edge process, then you too may experience amazing results just like thousands of other clients have from 150 different countries. You may be completely surprised to discover what IS possible for you (even though nothing else you’ve tried has worked!)

  • You don’t have the financial means to invest in your healing process. This is a premium-level value at a premium-level investment where you’ll have Debora’s eyes, ears, insight, and years of experience, laser-focused and devoted to you, and only you. If you’re not ready to invest at this level, we do offer the Pain-Free Living Program®  at different investment levels to fit virtually any budget, and you’ll find these to be excellent and effective choices.

  • You expect Debora to have a “magic wand” effect where all your pain vanishes instantly. Yes, Debora is known around the world for facilitating a profound method of healing known as HighSpeed Healing™. There ARE many people who experience total freedom from pain immediately when they work with her, however that is not always the case. With others it can be a slower, more gradual process, and even more importantly, for everyone it requires participation to some degree, otherwise you may unknowingly bring your pain symptoms back. This is why you need a guide who truly understands this phenomenon and what to do about it.

You MAY be a great fit if…

  • You’re open to trying an innovative modality revolutionizing the chronic pain healing experience.

  • You’re 100% ready and willing to make working with Debora a priority in your schedule and attention, AND you have the patience and resilience to complete the sessions to the best of your ability. Healing can sometimes take longer than you may like, but many clients do experience noticeable changes in the very first session. Of course, we cannot make that guarantee for everyone’s condition or situation since each case is different, so we ask for you to be patient and stick with the entire program the way it’s laid out to reap the greatest benefits.

There are a number of factors that Debora considers to determine whether you may be accepted as a 1:1 client. The following characteristics are part of the criteria under consideration:

  • Your Pain level and/or Severity of Symptoms-Level of urgency
  • Extent and frequency of chronic pain (and/or other symptoms or conditions)
  • Prior experiences trying to heal before connecting with ICPI
  • Current modalities you may be pursuing at this time to relieve your pain and symptoms
  • Personality type – Are you teachable, coachable, open to suggestions, and willing to change?
  • Financial capabilities – We have no interest in putting you under extreme financial duress. Again, that’s where the Live Group Pain-Free Living Program E-course along with the Live Online Group Calls may be a great solution if finances are a challenge right now.
  • Schedule availability

What is the investment to work 1:1 with Debora?

The opportunity to work one-on-one with Debora Wayne is NORMALLY a one- time investment of $10,000 USD*for four appointments that are recommended to be completed over a one-month time period (or in some cases sooner). All appointments must be completed within two months, max.

* HOWEVER, due to the current situation and financial stress that many are going through there is a temporary change in effect.

The investment for the VIP 1:1 Healing Intensive with Debora is currently $7500.

                                                                                   *(Subject to change without prior notice)

This is the minimum commitment to work directly with Debora. Many private clients typically commit to two or three months of 1:1 sessions, and there is always the opportunity to move into the live group later when you need less 1:1 support.

Upon acceptance of your application to work with Debora 1:1, you will receive:

Eight (8) private 1:1 appointments - 4 per month to be completed within 2 months*, and certain exceptions may apply based on Debora's recommendations.

Four (4) 90-minute appointments for the first month (one per week)

Direct SOS access to Debora via email during the week in between appointments for questions, concerns, updates, success stories, etc.

Complete PFLP E-course plus 3-month access to pre-recorded classes, plus companion worksheets, self-care tools, & techniques, homework assignments, and inspiration  (Value $1500)

PFLP Live Group Zoom Calls, 3 calls per month for 3 months (Value $591)

Four (4) 50-minute appointments for the following month (1:1) ($4500 Value)

Custom recorded HighSpeed Healing session for daily home use (Value $375)

“From Chaos to Calm” Home Study course - (Value $127)

“Adios Anxiety” Home Study Course - (Value $250)

Access to the entire library of archived video calls - (Value $3000)

Course Value: $10343/Month   INVESTMENT: $7500

If you believe you’re a great fit and qualified for the V.I.P. Healing Intensive – Private 1:1 with Debora, please complete your application to start the evaluation process.