Ronit Benshoshan, Expressive Arts Therapist

“In your program I reached new and deeper levels of understanding. My entire concept of money has changed, and I no longer feel guilt or shame for receiving money. I now feel worthy of having it. I learned to see it as it is, no less or more. I dare to dream bigger now…. beyond what i believed was possible for me…. to express my dream, and move it forward. I gained the confidence to truly step into my power, own it, and love it. I no longer feel fearful or guilty to be powerful and successful. ( I used to feel I would die if I were to step into my power and be successful.) I live in the now the present, no longer in the past or the future. I learned the power of focus and narrowing down. My greatest takeaway is my new ability to trust my self. My ability to live my life fully awake and in my power. I finally dared to let go of my fears and resistance. I was able to see my path very clearly and trust my self to make the ‘right’ big decision to move out of the country.  My focus is directed towards my business now instead of the meaningless distracting things that have been holding me back.” 

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