Robert Briffa, South Australia

“I have noticed my weight has started to stabilize since Debora’s program compared to previous times where it would fluctuate quite regularly. I have not been as focused on my weight as I was before Debora’s program. Weight loss happened without effort. The biggest and most profound difference for me is that before working with Debora I ate whatever i enjoyed, pork,fish and chips,salt,pizza’s, etc, etc. These foods no longer interest me. I started gravitating to fresh produce and vegetables. I even began juicing bag loads of fruit and veggies, nuts, lean meat and everything i eat now, I cook. No more processed meals for me. Debora Wayne’s program for me was and still is my lifesaver. I suffered excruciating lower back and shoulder pain for years. I now understand why we have pain and how to alleviate or remove pain all together now thanks to Debora. I love Debora’s program and i am super grateful to have it for life. I am, blissfully happy and appreciative for her wonderful work. ” 

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