Gail Marlow, Ph.D – University Chemistry Professor – Kansas City, MO

“First, THANK YOU! Thank you, Debora Wayne for the fact that I could just walk into my kitchen – with crutches – but I WALKED! I have an MS diagnosis and disability due to injuries from an assault. I listened to your recording, and WOW! Over the last few hours, pain is being released as years of trauma are freed and released.I have worked with doctors and therapists using CPT, DBT, EFT, EMDR, and PE to process and release trauma with little effect on my physical condition. As a PhD holding chemical physicist, I have known the pain is energetic in origin, but have not been able to address it alone.

Today is one of those days that divides experience into everything that came before, and all that comes after. I will always remember 2/13/17 as my Freedom Day, Transformation Day, and Birthday. The word gratitude doesn’t seem sufficient to describe what I am feeling.You have given me the opportunity to make the rest of my life the best of my life.I can literally feel decades of facades and crust of false beliefs and trauma melting away and a fresh lightness, a new light, bursting forth from within. It is a miracle in every way. Deep bow to you. I had a breakthrough on this morning’s call as well! This is an emotional wound I have worked to access for years. It cracked open. I am at a loss to describe the feeling. I am deeply, profoundly grateful. I can tell I am going to be a Pied Piper for Biofield Healing. I have studied meditation, Zen Buddhism, shamanism, and more. I have experienced extraordinary spiritual growth, but the physical pain has remained. Until now. I feel I have found the missing piece. 

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