F.M. St. Paul, MN

“I had struggled with binge eating for years. The more I restricted and tried to control, the more I binged. I knew that there was a place just as there was when I was a kid where I didn’t have to restrict anything. I could just eat when I’m hungry and eat what I want and stay calm and thin! Debora helped me get that back. In the Pain Free Living Program I was able to challenge my limiting self beliefs and with the Biofield Healing Sessions something lifted week after week! As I was going into my final week’s session, I suddenly realized that it had been WEEKS since I had last binged. I couldn’t even remember when that was! It feels so good to no longer be afraid of food but instead eat well, eat in moderation, and enjoy it! I hope that everyone can find this peace with food and not be afraid of food. Thanks Debora!” 

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