Rev. Dr. Lindy Sayward Vermont

“The class was fabulous. Those not in attendance really missed something big. Debora really has a way of tuning in and evaluating what each of us needs and then weaving it all together touching deep, often hidden issues so that we again take charge of our journey and celebrate in Who We Are. I wanted […]

Neuroscientist; Ph.D Psychology

As a scientist, bioenergy is not an easily approachable topic. To delve into the spiritual realm of healing, one needs a guide with uncommon ability to speak both science and spirit.  For me, that guide is Debora.  Her intelligence and ability to communicate logically as well as intuitively is a necessary bridge for me; not […]

Nancy, San Diego, CA

“I believe in myself more now, I feel more connected to Source and to everyone I encounter.  I feel more confident.  I feel lit up and excited and ready.  I feel solid, grounded, powerful, and able.  I feel more peaceful, more present, and more adept at getting out of the way and allowing The”Something Bigger” […]

Chris B.San Diego, CA

“The Training Intensive was more powerful, on more levels, than I could have imagined. I absolutely know that it changed the course of my life. Just know that I could write a book on the helpful insights I received from this workshop, both personally and professionally! The impact this workshop has had and will have […]

Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo

“I invited Debora Wayne to be a featured speaker at my recent event for holistic practitioners because I had experienced first hand her healing energy and wanted to share it with my participants.  Even with just a brief demonstration of Biofield Healing, almost everyone in the room AND on the livestream was able to feel […]

Claudia Gabrielle, MD, FAAFP

“I attended Debora Wayne’s program under the premise of learning so as to help others, but as the session progressed I saw areas in myself that need help too. I have had a knotted muscle in my left upper back on and off for years. It had flared up again, but after about 20 minutes […]