“I received so many benefits from the Restorative Healing & Yin Training, such as how to make the yoga class a multi-layered, multi-textured experience bringing in all of the senses and being able to guide the students through a journey of self discovery.” 

Angie B., Studio City, CA

”Debora has a soothing way about her which makes her very inviting. I feel her open and genuinely loving heart, and her commitment to be of service is evident and a huge part of her sessions.” 

Eric B., San Diego, CA

“When I first met Debora I was experiencing a lot of pain in my lower back and hip from injuries 10 years earlier. I was having a hard time wanting to live in my body. Debora encouraged me to come to her “Restorative Healing Yoga” class. When I arrived she welcomed me with a bright […]

Bart, Encinitas, CA

“Thank you for the yoga experience. I have done different kinds of hatha yoga, but this was definitely in a class by itself.”