Thousands of Clients in Over 160 Countries Trust the International Chronic Pain Institute®

The International Chronic Pain Institute® is the Only Chronic Pain Organization that Features the HighSpeed Healing® method for Chronic Pain, Depression, Anxiety, Trauma, and More.


Founder & CEO, International Chronic Pain Institute®

What makes the International Chronic Pain Institute stand out in the field of healing?

Most conventional and even “natural” methods of healing focus on suppressing and trying to stop symptoms instead of uncovering and removing the root cause of the condition. 

 At the International Chronic Pain Institute®, we will teach you the three (3) things you Must Do if you want to unlock the door to incredible health, high energy, and Pain-Free Living.  

Our leading-edge approach combines releasing disturbances in your energy field, your emotions, and in your mind. These are the pre-cursers to what is showing up in your body and life. Working with all three of these elements simultaneously has the potential to deeply transform you inside and out, and to finally heal the root causes, which means that the band-aid approach you have been used to, is no longer necessary.

Here’s what you want to ask yourself: 

Why live with chronic painful conditions when you don’t have to?


You most likely have already taken some steps (maybe ALOT of steps for a long time) to try and resolve your chronic conditions – the symptoms that are keeping you from living a full, vibrant life and spending time doing the things you love, with the people you love. 


Perhaps you’ve seen ALOT of medical doctors, or holistic health practitioners, taken numerous diagnostic tests, prescription drugs, tkaen handfuls of natural supplements,, watched endless online Telesummits, spent hours and hours searching google for answers…


Yet no matter how much time, energy and effort you’ve devoted to fixing your challenges, nothing has worked, or given you lasting results, and you’ve all but given up hope that things will ever be any different. 

But what if your body is trying to tell you something that no amount of pills, elimination diets, massages, chiropractors, or physical therapists can find or fix?


Even if...

you’ve ‘tried everything’, or suffered for a very long time, or been told “you’ll just have to learn to live with this”….

Even if...

you’ve taken the prescription pain pills, the natural supplements, and done all the various treatments suggested, but nothing has worked for you….

There’s a VERY strong possibility that you’ll still be able to release your chronic pain and other chronic conditions…..AND FINALLY

Discover the HIDDEN REASONS that right now, you simply can’t see. 

You have a blind spot – not a block. 

It’s time to find a NEW Solution for your OLD pain, patterns, and symptoms

The International Chronic Pain Institute® has three paths for you to get your Energy, Health, and Life back on track so that you can participate IN your life and stop watching it from the sidelines

With different plans to choose from, there is a solution to break free from the chronic pain, depression, anxiety, trauma, battles with food, weight, binge-eating, digestive drama, chronic fatigue, insomnia, migraines, “mysterious” symptoms, and other chronic conditions that have been holding you back. We will show you how to start living your life with a new level of energy, freedom, ease, and joy!

Consider us your “Insurance Policy” for creating a 
Joy-filled, High Energy, Truly Healthy Life! 

Your preferred style of guidance and interaction is personal to you, which is why we offer three different options to work with us ensuring your healing journey is best suited for what you most need and want. 

Whether you want individualized attention, or the support and sharing of a safe, confidential group experience with people who are having similar challenges, OR a combination of both…

OR you prefer to work totally on your own at a pace that works for you, we have a program that will fit your schedule and your healing needs.  


Not sure which option is best for you?  We’ve described each of the three paths below so you can choose the right one with confidence and clarity.

If you like working alone and prefer to go at your own pace, and you are highly self-motivated, the
Pain-Free Living Intro  is for you

Each recorded masterclass guides you through the EXACT step-by-step PFLP system and gives you the leading-edge tools that have enabled thousands of Debora’s past clients in over 160 countries to finally report relief from Chronic Pain, Depression, Anxiety, Trauma, Battles with Binge-Eating, Fatigue, Insomnia, Migraines, “Mystery” symptoms, and many other chronic conditions….even when nothing else worked!
The Pain-Free Living Intro Program Includes:

One 90-minute Private Deep Discovery Session with Debora*:

One HighSpeed Energy Healing® session facilitate Live with Debora: (as part of your Discovery appointment)

One follow up email with Debora after your appointment for questions

Pain Free Living Program® E-course – 60 day access to all materials

Recommendations from Debora to achieve the best healing results

Action Plan for moving forward

Do you love individualized attention, as well as the synergy of a group? If so, the combination of healing ingredients in the Pain-Free Living Program® (Gold Level)  is Debora’s most popular recommendation and has provided powerful healing for her clients for over two decades.
After working with thousands of clients from around the world who suffered from the most severe chronic pain, trauma, and chronic conditions, Debora realized that a COMBINATION of her private 1:1 sessions PLUS the powerful support received in her safe, confidential Pain Free Living Group Program was the IDEAL WAY for most people to achieve maximum benefits, get the best results, and stay on track.

In your private 1:1 appointments AND in this effective and supportive group experience, you’ll have direct access to Debora as well as be connect with other like-minded, caring, “Trailblazers”, who just like you, are dedicated and invested in this revolutionary approach to health and healing.

The Pain Free Living Program® (PFLP) GOLD LEVEL

3 private 1:1 appointments with Debora:

One follow up email with Debora after each appointment for questions & recommendations for you.

Custom Recorded HighSpeed Healing® session: for your daily personal use

Pain Free Living Program® E-course with 3 entire month's access to all course materials

PFLP Live Group Zoom Calls (3x month) with Debora & members

Access to entire PFLP library of archived video calls

Private PFLP Facebook Group Community

The Pain-Free Living VIP Healing Intensive  is the perfect option for you if you are too ill, exhausted, traumatized, or in too much pain to attend a group, and you prefer 100% of Debora’s time, energy, intuition, and years of experience focused solely on you and you alone. 
Because this work is deeply customized, Debora works with only a handful of clients in this specific way, ensuring you’ll have greater direct access to her throughout your healing journey.*Application Required*
The Pain-Free Living VIP Healing Intensive

Eight ( 8 ) private appointments with Debora:

Direct SOS email access to Debora: in between appointments

One HighSpeed Energy Healing® session during EVERY private appointment

Custom recorded HighSpeed Healing® session for your daily personal use

PFLP E-course with 3 entire month’s access to all class recordings plus companion worksheets

PFLP Live Group Zoom Calls (3x month) with Debora

Access to entire PFLP library of archived video calls

Private PFLP Facebook Group Community

“From Chaos to Calm with Meditation Made Easy”- Recording of Debora’s Live Meditation Workshop ( #1 self-care tool recommended)

“Adios Anxiety”- - Recording of Debora’s Powerful Mini-Course to stop Anxiety in it’s tracks

There IS hope. We’re here to provide a safe space, give you the right tools proven to work, and support you on your healing journey.

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