You’ve finally discovered the safe, non-drug path to more energy, joy and freedom and you want to continue to improve, so now what?

Pain Free Living
Your “Insurance Policy” for a Joy-filled, Pain-free life!

There’s nothing like the realization that you are on the right path and that it really IS possible to heal and get your energy and life back without endless drugs, supplements, or giving up all the foods you love.

By now, you may be experiencing more energy and vitality, having fun again, doing activities you were unable to previously do, enjoying improved relationships, and notice an increase in your productivity, focus, and zest for life.

Welcome back to the real you!

While you’re excited about feeling great again, you also know you want to continue and maintain this “New Normal” but you may not be quite sure how to keep it going.

We Have The Solution and invite you to join us in our Pain Free Living Aftercare program.



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The PFLP Aftercare Program™ is designed to provide you with the exact tools you need and the ongoing support to create and maintain your new Pain-Free Living lifestyle!





To be eligible for the Aftercare program, you:

  • Must be a graduate of the Pain Free Living Program®
  • Need to apply or be invited to join. This group is invitation only and not open to the public
  • Be committed to pro-actively participating in your health and healing journey

What’s included in the PFLP Aftercare:

Ongoing and unlimited monthly access to the PFLP E-course materials ($997 Value)

Continued access to your friends in the PFLP Private Facebook Group Community (Priceless)

Recordings of all Live Zoom Calls ( Including HighSpeed Energy HealingTM Sessions)

Get and Stay UN-Stuck as you work 1:1 with Debora LIVE on calls

3 Live Zoom Group Calls with Debora per month (Q & A, opportunities to work with Debora live)(Over $2000 Value)

One HighSpeed Energy Healing Group Session per month – Live with Debora

Access to the ENTIRE LIBRARY of archived Video Calls & Masterclasses ( over $3000 Value!)

DAILY CONNECTION with like-minded group members in the (Optional) Private Facebook Group Forum – continue to receive love & support, ask questions, and STAY ACCOUNTABLE and On Track! (ABSOLUTELY PRICELESS)

INVESTMENT: ONLY $197 per month

membership subscription – cancel any time via email BEFORE auto-renew charges take place

Just listen to what other Aftercare clients are saying:




You deserve the specialized care, tools, and personal attention that will keep you on the Pain Free Living track. If you are ready to receive it, then the Pain Free Living Aftercare program is the perfect next step for you!

It’s Your “Insurance Policy” for a Joy-filled, Pain-free life!

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Still have questions? We’ve got answers! To find out if the Aftercare program is the next best step for you, click here.