“From Chaos to Calm” with Meditation Made Easy

Yes, you CAN experience peace and calm, even with what’s happening in the world!

The secret? “From Chaos to Calm” with Meditation Made EasyTM .

Meditation is the #1 must-have ‘Inner Technology’ if you want to get and stay calm, clear, focused, and productive so you can keep your energy and life on the right track.

The world is changing faster than ever! Information is coming in at lightning speed. With each news article, economic update, political unrest, tragic health story and more, you may be experiencing stress, anxiety, overwhelm, and even physical pain like never before.

Meditation was made to help you through challenging times. When you meditate it affects not only YOU in many positive ways, but it ALSO helps the people around you and our entire planet. Science has proven that meditators are sending out coherent waves of positive harmonious energy that others can and do feel.
It’s even been shown to lower the crime rate!

Hi, I’m Debora Wayne, founder of The International Chronic Pain Institute®. I created “From Chaos to Calm: with Meditation Made Easy” to help you have the resilience, productivity, physical/mental/emotional health, and inner peace you need to thrive, not just survive, during these rapidly changing & chaotic times on planet Earth.

All you need is the right toolbox to equip you with the strategies and practices for living a healthy, happy, energetic life — especially during very challenging times !

I created “From Chaos to Calm…” to make it easier for people who were super stressed out and finding it difficult to relax…and/or they weren’t happy with the results they were getting from their current meditation technique.

It’s helped thousands of people around the world to make the intentional, healthy shift from stress, anxiety, overwhelm, and even chronic pain, into a life of greater ease, comfort and joy, through this simple practice of meditation.

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Your Host for “From Chaos to Calm…”


The International Chronic Pain Institute

GOOD NEWS: The benefits of practicing the powerful and proven techniques I share with you in “From Chaos to Calm” may be life-changing.

With over 35 years as a meditator, I share my personal and professional experience with you to dispel common myths about meditation and help you to easily learn and practice this important tool.

Here are just a few of the many benefits past participants have reported while using “From Chaos to Calm”:

  • Greater Relaxation of the Physical Body
  • Quieting “mental chatter” 
  • Releasing Emotional distress
  • Relaxing Muscle Tension and Stress
  • Sleeping better at night
  • Feeling Calmer and More Inner Peace
  • Better Focus, Memory & Concentration
  • More Productive at Work
  • Lower Blood Pressure
  • Improved Digestion
  • Release of Depression and Anxiety
  • Increased Intuition

How Do I Know If “From Chaos to Calm” Is Right for Me?

  • This is the program for you if you think you “just can’t meditate”
  • This is the program for you if you think you are “doing it wrong”
  • This is the program for you if you’ve tried meditation before but “given up”
  • This is the program for you if you “just can’t quiet your mind”
  • This is the program for you if you are brand new to meditation or an experienced practitioner but haven’t found a method you really like or that works well for you.


What has most likely happened to cause ALL of these experiences is that you weren’t taught a STYLE of MEDITATION that suits YOUR OWN INDIVIDUAL LEARNING STYLE. You WILL find that here with “From Chaos to Calm…”.

What’s Included With “From Chaos to Calm…”

“From Chaos to Calm” includes an INSTANT DOWNLOAD Audio Mp3 Series featuring two parts:

Part 1 – Recording of “Live” Chaos to Calm Group Workshop
Part 2 – “The Meditation Techniques” for Your Personal Practice

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