Keys to Deep Emotional Healing

An Exclusive Training for Biofield Healing Immersion™ Practitioners To Be Used with Biofield Belief Clearing

Combining Biofield Belief Clearing with Biofield Deep Emotional Healing™ AND Biofield Healing Immersion™  is the ticket to total transformation! 

In order to Heal…You must learn to Feel…

Discover the steps to help your clients rapidly Find and Release Deep, Hidden, Suppressed, Repressed, Denied EMOTIONS so that they Get UNstuck, Break Free from Pain, Problems, and dysfunctional Patterns, Get their Energy back, Find Joy, Experience True Freedom, Take Their Power Back and Stop Feeling like a Victim!

Help Your Clients Clear the False Beliefs that…

  • That Drain Their Energy
  • Keep Them Stuck in Pain Symptoms
  • Cause Toxic, Painful Relationships
  • Keep them from loving their work
  • Keep them in Debt
  • Keep them Feeling Lost and without Purpose
  • Keep them stuck in physical pain, negative life patterns, and ongoing problems


Listen at your own pace. This is a Pre-Recorded Mini-course.


Audio Only. Access from any smart phone, computer or tablet.


  • 3 Recorded Training Calls
  • Deep Emotional Clearing PDF
  • Recorded Q & A Coaching with Debora


  • $397 Non-Members


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