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Founder & CEO, International Chronic Pain Institute™
  • If you are you suffering from Stress, Chronic Pain or Pain of ANY kind including Depression, Anxiety, Trauma, Immune Disorders, Battles with Fatigue, Food, Your Weight, Binge-Eating, and more…
  • If you have you tried other methods such as conventional, holistic, and/or alternative “natural” methods, but they didn’t work, or made you feel worse, or they didn’t provide the lasting changes you’d hoped for…
  • Or perhaps your medical test results show that “nothing is wrong”, but you definitely have symptoms and you know something is wrong….
  • If you are exhausted trying to figure out how to get rid of your pain, symptoms, and suffering on your own…
  • And if you know that something MUST change, but you just don’t know “how” to make that happen…

Then you have landed in the right place

Many of my past clients have said this one Discovery Session alone totally changed the entire course of their lives!!

Here are some of the MAIN BENEFITS you will receive during your Discovery Session:

  • 1. During this important and revealing conversation, we will Clarify your exact goals and the vision of where you want to go.
  • 2. We will discover what’s really going on with you underneath the surface. I am an expert at “finding (and removing) Blindspots” and getting to the root cause that lies underneath pain and symptoms and that is hidden from your view, and I will begin to help you find the missing pieces of your “health and life puzzle” that no one else has helped you to see before.
  • 3. We will uncover the #1 obstacle that is getting in your way and is blocking and stopping you from getting to where you want to go.
  • 4. I will identify and recommend powerful and effective solutions designed to help you remove your pain and symptoms, and to get your energy back without ever asking you to take pills, potions, do endless PT, or give up the foods you love.
  • 5. You will leave the session knowing exactly what next action step to take, and if we find that you and I are a good fit, I will share with you about the ways we can continue to work together.*** *** IMPORTANT PLEASE NOTE – This Discovery Session is NOT a HighSpeed Energy Healing session. You will however have the option of adding a HSH Energy Healing session onto your Discovery Session when you click the Register Now button below, so that you may experience the impact of both at once.



  • 2. FILL OUT The Discovery Session QUESTIONNAIRE (you will receive this AFTER you register)
    Send this back to me no less than 4 days BEFORE your appointment so that I have enough time to review it BEFORE your appointment.

  • 3. AFTER you Register, you will receive instructions for how to set up your private appointment on my calendar.

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