Adios AnxietyTM

The HighSpeed HealingTM Approach to Stop Anxiety in It's Tracks!


Founder & CEO, International Chronic Pain Institute™

Are you one of the 4.39 MILLION people who suffers from Anxiety?

If you have been suffering from Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Overwhelm, Fear…
If you are Worried about your Future…
If you have been tossing and turning at 2:00 am, trying to Figure Out how to get rid of your anxiety,
your fears and doubts, your painful problems…
If you feel out of control!
…and you know that you Must Find a Solution…
If you feel Stuck and Blocked…
If you’ve tried the Pills and Potions…
If your Will-Power is Worn Out…
And your nerves feel frazzled…

I have a New Solution that Works…

And I Invite You to Join Me and FINALLY Say Adios to Your Anxiety!

Ask A Different Question?

You’re not CRAZY!

This is NOT all in your head.

It’s NOT your fault.

You can resolve this with the right information.

There is HOPE.

Nothing, including your situation, is permanent.

There is a REASON.

You can access it and resolve it with the right help.

The question I encourage you to ask is…

“What is POSSIBLE for me?”

If you’ve tried it all…

Would You Be Willing To Try a NEW APPROACH that’s been Proven to Work?

Would you be willing to set aside everything you’ve learned, everything you’ve tried, everything you think you know about anxiety just for the duration of our time together and to try ADIOS ANXIETYTM: The HighSpeed HealingTM Approach designed to Stop Anxiety in it’s Tracks?

Would you be willing and open to the possibility of FINALLY discovering and practicing my Exact, Step-by-Step method proven to Release Anxiety and help you to finally Experience Inner Peace, a Quiet Mind, Emotional Calm, Joy…..even Bliss?

Success Stories

CiCi, Encinitas, CA

“I was losing my life. It was over. Then… through Debora, I got my life back. No other words. A miracle. 

Sharon H, Henderson, NV

“Working with Debra I immediately felt relief from mental pain.  My body was lighter and my mind clearer. Within 24 hours of my first biofield healing session, I felt physical pain and emotional pain leave my body.   My biggest discovery is that I can heal and control the problems that had kept me depressed, isolated and blocked. I am a changed person.  I find that opportunities and connection with others that I have always wanted are coming to me now without effort.  Physically I am getting stronger and I love my life.

Everything has changed in my life.  I am excited about my future and so very grateful for the healing I have received.” 

Karen C., Washington, DC

“Something quiet and profound seems to have happened during my sessions. Within a couple of days, I clearly knew my next major step in life, and took it. My path became clear. My days took on a lightness, an easiness, patience. The clenched-at-the-core undercurrent of anxiety I’d come to consider part of my physiology was no longer discernible. Hell, where was the depression, the dips in confidence, in outlook, in optimism I’ve been medicating for eons? Gone? Coincidence? Imagination? I’ve noticed a renewed vigor in my days, a focus — a centeredness — to my actions, an ease in tackling what needs to be done, and an optimism that has yet to flag.” 

Lisa and Robert, Orange, CA

”In the time that Debora Wayne has been working with my son, who is now 21, my husband and I have noticed considerable differences. My son’s self-esteem has dramatically improved. He went from depressed to hopeful and upbeat. For the first time in his life, he has dropped most of his oppositional nature and is working with us, listening and learning from us (as opposed to against us, as he always was).    We’ve had many therapists try to do the same, and she is the first one to get through to him. This is an enormous shift! Debora has a knack for knowing just where the problem lies with a person and then has the experience and skill to work with that issue and heal and unravel its roots. She empowers people and gifts them with the awareness that they need to heal themselves. Debora is inspiring, caring, smart and incredibly insightful. We are very grateful for the good she has brought to our lives.” 

Sharon Melnick, PhD

“Debora made a fast and lasting impact on my life. Just a few sessions with her shifted me out of a ‘funk’ and into a powerful phase of clarity and prosperity. Her range and depth of knowledge is vast: she shared sophisticated wisdom about the energetic origins of blocks as well as specific business advice that increased the number of people joining my programs. Her empathic voice puts you at ease and then her ‘bio-field energy’ approach transforms you. She is the one I will turn to and refer my loved ones to for personal healing and business growth.” 

Mario R., Engineer, Niteroi/RJ

“The Pain Free Living Program® Group Program allowed me to access a deeper level of acceptance and allows for feelings to come up and dissolve by themselves. As negative feelings show up, they were healed almost instantly.   I noticed that my intentions felt more and more possible. During the course I had some stressful situations coming up and the stress was completely eliminated during the sessions.” 


“One thing for sure, without the HighSpeed Biofield healing sessions, I do believe that nothing would have changed much.” 

I’m open to leaving my Anxiety in the past.


Revolutionary NEW Solutions, for your OLD, Painful, Anxiety

You don’t have to travel to be a part of this very unique event! Experience the power of “ADIOS ANXIETY” from the comfort of your own home!

The Proven Step-by-Step HighSpeed HealingTM approach to release the pain of anxiety symptoms

Take a look at what the “Adios Anxiety” workshop has in store for you:

  • Connect to the course from the comfort of your own home or office. (This is an Audio Only Course)
  • You’ll Learn Debora’s “Adios Anxiety” Formula – A Step-by-Step Daily System designed to finally Get Your Energy & Life Back on Track, Get UN-Stuck and Learn to Live FREE of Anxiety, Panic Attacks, and Dis-ease
  • You’ll Learn an Ancient Technique to Stop Anxiety in its tracks. It’s impossible to Experience Anxiety and do this at the same time (VALUE – PRICELESS)
  • You’ll Learn a Modern, 21st century tool to Stop Anxiety in its tracks. There’s no easier or more relaxing way to release anxiety and break the habit of worry and stress.
  • Receive your “Adios Anxiety – Get to the Root” worksheet – a PDF you can download to any device (VALUE $47)
  • Debora will reveal what she has discovered after working with tens of thousands of people in over 150 countries that lies at the root of anxiety, and what you must start to do NOW to stop this pattern at once.
  • EXPERIENCE FOR YOURSELF the power of The HighSpeed HealingTM method. (A $500 VALUE!)

    *** This alone is worth the price of admission. Debora’s past clients from all over the world have reported the elimination of Chronic Stress, Anxiety, Depression, and Pain symptoms of all types from this revolutionary method. This healing modality, based on scientific principles has the potential to rapidly pinpoint the hidden source of your stress and anxiety symptoms and release them more quickly than any other available methods.(I’ll describe this in detail before we begin – just know for now that you don’t have to do anything to prepare for it and that It’s been life-changing for tens of thousands of people.

Are you ready…

…to open up to the possibility of leaving your anxious days behind… Not everyone experiences immediate total relief, but many people do, and almost all share that they finally receive a New Solution, that they finally feel relief, gain hope, and that their anxiety symptoms noticeably shift, lessen, and lighten from the very first session. This has the potential to be the experience that changes the course of your entire life!


Are you ready to be guided in the “Adios Anxiety” Step-by-Step Daily Practice combined with the Power of The HighSpeed HealingTM method? If so, then you have come to the right place.

If you haven’t heard my story, let it suffice to say for now that I was once curled in a ball on my closet floor, crying my eyes out, screaming “WHY ME?” and praying for a solution to the suffering that had plagued me for years. I knew only 2 feelings – Anxiety and Depression! That was it.

If you’re like I was when I was dealing with my challenges, you might be trying to FIGURE IT OUT AND THINK YOUR WAY OUT OF YOUR SITUATION. Maybe you spend your mental energy thinking about what specialist might have the solution, what treatment or diet or supplement might melt it away, what you’re eating wrong, saying wrong, doing wrong! The energy you spend on this never-ending search, not to mention the oftentimes high financial cost, might be totally unnecessary.

Would it be worth less than the cost of a single doctor visit to see if there is an easier way out of your anxiety that will not only release you from your suffering, but also empower you to prevent this from coming back in the future?

The worst thing that will happen is that your mind will doubt this can work– just like I did! As a woman with a degree in psychology who stacked on certifications in clinical hypnotherapy, hypno-anesthesiology, and chemical dependency counseling, I was certain the realm of Western medicine had a solution. But I’ve never seen results with those forms of treatment that compare to the astonishing results, relief, and increased energy you’ll receive and experience in our “Adios Anxiety” workshop.

Things can shift and change. I witness this every single day. I’m here to help you experience this too! I hope you’ll take my hand and allow me to show you how.

With Love,

Say Adios to Your Anxiety!

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