The Proven Science Behind Biofield Healing

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All life, including the human body, is designed for success and self-healing.

For at least 2,500 years, people have worked with invisible energy fields for pain management, cell regeneration, strengthening the immune system, and mind-body-spirit healing. Finally, scientific studies are making this intuitive wisdom official.

This practice of Biofield Healing, or “Information Medicine”, appears to be the future. There is finally a potential scientific explanation for why thousands have responded with such great results.

Before we dig into the mounting scientific evidence, let’s define the Biofield — It is the field of energy and information surrounding every living thing, including your body.

One of the pioneering scientists studying Biofield Healing is Beverly Rubik; I’ve included highlights of her fascinating studies below.

As far back as 1939, Yale Biologist Harold Saxon Burr, Ph.D., together with F.S.C. Northrup, proposed an electrodynamic field underlying life.

Various devices assess the biofield, most of them electromagnetic in nature. While this area of research lacks adequate funding, there is a growing body of evidence that supports my own particular method known as Biofield Healing Immersion®.

In the United States, many of these electromagnetic devices have been categorized by the US Food and Drug Administration as biofeedback devices to decrease meridian stress. Meanwhile, conventional science and medicine have long used the electrocardiogram (ECG) and the electroencephalogram (EEG) to assess physiologic function of heart and brain.

According to Beverly Rubik, many popular devices assess electrical conductivity of the skin through the acupuncture meridian system to provide information about the energy flow and health. This technique is known by various names, most commonly electrodermal screening (EDS). Scientists have also developed instruments that measure the human biofield’s biophoton emission, or light-energy.

Based on these findings, the rapid correction of imbalances reported from those who have experienced my Biofield Healing Immersion® process makes sense.

Biofield Healing Immersion® taps into the scientific understanding that everything is energy and has a frequency. This means that your burn out, back pain, anxiety and depression, battles with food, weight, binge-eating, and business challenges are made of “disturbed” energy patterns… energy imbalances. Even your joy and successes are connected by frequencies that, until more recently, have been difficult to detect.

It’s thrilling to see that science is now mathematically and theoretically proving what we at the Biofield Healing Institute® have known for a long time — that ALL energy can and does change.

Underlying patterns of frequency exist in both the conscious and unconscious of your body-mind system and impact your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being.

What was once deemed “miraculous” is now well-established by science, and while the results may indeed feel like a miracle especially when nothing else has worked to relieve everything from neck pain, migraine headaches, insomnia, sciatic nerve pain, allergies — even food sensitivities and eating disorders.

Patterns of cultural and family beliefs, traumas, loss, illness, injuries, grief, or abuse are registered in the biofield as energetic disturbances and show up in the body impacting the way a person sees, feels, and experiences the world. Through habit and repetition, your thoughts, beliefs, and actions impact the quality of life you are experiencing.

The amount that we do know is dwarfed by the infinite amount of information that we do not know— often information that has unconsciously impacted us deeply without our realizing it. Regardless, thousands have reported the immediate improvement of symptoms or a gradual change in the body, mind, emotions, and life.

Enthusiastic accounts of Biofield Healing Immersion® speak to the total elimination of conditions such as fibromyalgia, lower back pain, social anxiety, depression and anxiety, and much more in what many understand to be the best of natural remedies.

In Beverly Rubik’s article, “Measurement of the Human Biofield and Other Energetic Instruments,” she details the mounting scientific evidence and technology:

“A study conducted at a university in Taiwan showed that exposure to external qi (sometimes referred to as chi, prana, or life-force energy) significantly decreased the growth rate of prostate cancer cell cultures as compared with untreated cell cultures (Yu, Tsai, and Huang, 2003). Moreover, the authors showed that the treated cells showed increased differentiation, as indicated by the expression of a tissue-specific enzyme.

Another study conducted in academic laboratories in both China and the United States indicates that external qi caused a small change in the circular dichroism spectrum of poly D-glutamic acid, which may reflect a change in the secondary structure of the polypeptide (Chu et al, 2001). These studies use some of the latest biomolecular techniques with high specificity to show how external qi may interact and cause changes in living systems.”

—Beverly Rubik

Call this subtle and invisible energy what you will: chi, prana, or life-force energy. The research is undeniable.

“Dr. Joie Jones (he was a dear friend and colleague of mine) conducted studies on the effects of pranic healing on cultured cells at the University of California, Irvine, over many years (Jones, 2001). To date, 520 experiments have been conducted of 10 culture dishes each involving 10 different pranic healers. Results from 458 of the experiments indicated that treatment of the cells with pranic healing produced a dramatic increase in cell survival rate, from approximately 50% in control cells to approximately 90% in treated cells.”

Even more astounding are the recent, controlled studies on limb regeneration in animals like salamanders and frogs. These studies support a concept of the biofield as part of an electric field and suggest that bioelectrical factors are the driving force behind limb regeneration.

We are unable to tell if limb regeneration will ever be possible in humans, yet studies do show that the natural healing process in human wounds involves electrical currents, and these may be connected to the acupuncture system of meridians and points (Becker, 1974).

This same electrical current running through the human body is used to detect food allergies as well. Practitioners use the vascular autonomic signal (VAS response) to clinically assess food allergies and environmental sensitivities.

When an allergen is placed near the patient’s ear, rich in acupuncture points, the substance emits resonant frequencies that inform the subject’s biofield of this stressor. This leads to a change in tension of the peripheral artery smooth muscle that can be measured by monitoring the brachial artery pulse (Kenyon,1982)

The working theory behind this is that when humans are exposed to environmental stressors or emotional challenges, there is a cascade of signal processing resulting in physical changes in the body.

Why, then, has so much of this information been hidden from mainstream science?

Although using energy to balance chronic pain, neck pain, back pain, thyroid weakness, or immune weakness for millennium, according to Rubik, as molecular biology grew more dominant from 1950 onward, it developed into big business. Information Sciences like Biofield Healing became taboo in academic science.

Despite this, Information Science is now experiencing a resurgence, even though it has had a long history in medicine. The driving force behind Information Science is called by various names: Qi in Chinese medicine; prana in Ayurvedic medicine; and ki in Japanese medicine.

Samuel Hahnemann (1755–1843), the father of classic homeopathy, wrote of the vital force, and many schools of chiropractic subscribe to this, as do classic osteopathy and many other systems of medicine outside conventional Western medicine.

The concept of subtle energy bodies is also integral to the ancient Eastern philosophical views of the human being that arose in India and China. Indian philosophy and Ayurvedic medicine maintain that, in addition to the physical body, there is a subtle body possessing various energetic anatomic structures, including the seven chakras, nadis, pranas, vayus, and koshas.

Modalities like Homeopathy and Reiki that draw upon these principles are household names, however, it’s important to differentiate that the Biofield Healing Institute™ uses a method that goes BEYOND the scope of these other modalities. Clients consistently report their pain, imbalances and dis-eases are corrected because the basis of the Biofield Healing Immersion™ method goes beyond a simple technique, but rather a complete shift in energetic frequencies. This has resulted in floods of testimonials from clients who experience more dramatic healing results, and frequently, in much less time.

Reports of these natural, non-harmful solutions for burn out, back pain, anxiety and depression, chronic pain and even clients who report the complete and total elimination of their cancer or Fibromyalgia all point in the same direction — that Biofield Healing Immersion® is poised to secure its spot among the mainstream medical giants.

It’s time to discover the deeper, hidden reasons that lie UNDERNEATH the physical symptoms of digestive issues, food allergies and sensitivities and what to do about this important area of your health.

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