“Debora Wayne’s programs using the HighSpeed HealingTM method have changed my life for the better in many ways.

I have had diabetes and been insulin dependent for 30 years, taking 2 different types of insulin.

After simply watching Debora’s You Tube video and attending her one-day online event The Day of HighSpeed HealingTM, my blood sugars began to drop dramatically.

In 6 weeks I no longer needed one of the insulins at all and I have lost 20 pounds! (Latest Update – 90 lbs)!!!

I had at one point been in a wheelchair because the pain was so severe and I can now walk 2 miles at a time!

I feel better than I have in years and the neuropathy in both of my legs is gone.

HighSpeed HealingTM is amazing!”

Laurie, San Francisco, CA